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About Us

Hello, and welcome to Handmade Green.  We make quality, unique items for your dogs...collars, leashes, and elevated feeders.  Our products are truly eco-friendly, and we use recycled wood, hemp webbing, leather, and cotton cloth to make items that you'll enjoy for years.  Every Handmade Green collar is entirely hand sewn in San Diego California.  Our line of products includes the hemp collars and leashes in modern prints, vintage elevated feeders (when we can find the materials), and special wholesale collections.  We make all of our collars using strong and sustainable hemp webbing, cotton fabrics, and quality hardware.  We pay special attention to durability and function.

Scientifically speaking, cultivation of hemp and cotton require 10-20 times less energy than creating synthetic materials like nylon and polypropylene.  More importantly, hemp is great for dogs with sensitive skin and allergies.   

We always use the best materials available, and prices competitive with the big pet chains.  No prison labor, child labor, sweatshops, sketchy business practices, underhanded dealings, or weird stuff of any kind here. Just honest handmade items.

Our passion for dog collars comes straight from our passion for dogs.  Throughout the year, our profits benefit many pet organizations, including Guide Dogs for the Blind, the Barking Lot, SPCA, breed-specific rescue groups, and other worthy causes.